Examples of Commercial Cleaning

Routine Cleaning

G, the owner of a three-story, 9,600-square-foot office building in San Rafael, has been using Cleanerific for almost three years. “I was impressed with the service from the outset,” G says. “The cleaning staff has always been thorough, conscientious, and friendly.” A Cleanerific crew comes in three evenings a week to vacuum, clean, and sanitize three bathrooms and a company kitchen, dust, empty trash and receptacles, and buff the lobby floors. “We receive a lot of visitors from the business community,” G explains, “so it’s important for us to make a good impression, particularly in this challenging economy. Cleanerific allows us to do so. Their business is helping my business.”

Special Assignments

S, a real estate agent specializing in condominiums and single-family homes in the Russian Hill, Nob Hill, Pacific Heights, and Marina sections of San Francisco, always recommends that her clients use Cleanerific before open houses. “Actually,” she says, “I more than recommend. I insist. The work that Cleanerific does really makes a difference—the difference between ho-hum and acceptable and super-fantastic and knockout-gorgeous. You think I’m happy? You should talk to my sellers. And Cleanerific keeps the entire apartment complex looking good—the entryways, the halls. They even take care of the windows!”